The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) Individual Membership

The IFP is the World Governing Body for the Sport of Pickleball. It was organized to develop and promote pickleball around the world and through its efforts there are now 41 IFP member countries spanning the globe. The IFP is supported by an all-volunteer group under the direction of a Board of Directors and nine Program Directors

These individuals are dedicated to the mission and goals of IFP. In addition, your IFP membership supports the following initiatives around the world:

  • Maintaining rules and equipment standards.
  • Introducing and developing pickleball to new member countries.
  • Organizing the IFP premier annual “Bainbridge Cup World Championship” event
  • International training and instructor certification.
  • Developing education and youth pickleball programs.
  • Hosting the World Ambassador program to help grow the sport of pickleball.
  • Establishing and promoting international tournaments.
  • Leveraging social media platforms to promote pickleball internationally.
  • Driving the Olympic movement. Learn about joining as a Charter Member and how it supports the Olympic movement.

This is your opportunity to be part of the exciting future and growth of pickleball around the world.

Individual Member Registration

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Annual $15.00/year 3 Year $35.00/3 years * Charter $250.00/5 years

* IFP Charter Membership

The Charter Membership will help fund the IFP Olympic Movement and the goal to move our Sport towards this goal. These contributions will help provide the funding necessary to continue initiatives already underway for this purpose. These efforts have included the development of relationships and contacts with the USA Olympic Committee, the IOC and several other Olympic Sports organizations supporting our efforts.

Much has been said by many folks in the pickleball community about pickleball becoming an Olympic Sport, but until now it has only been talking points. Over the last year the IFP has laid the foundation and is now in need of funding and additional volunteers to move this to the next level.

The opportunity to showcase and promote our sport at future Olympics in Japan, Paris and Los Angeles remains a goal of the IFP. Through the efforts and contributions of many, the IFP Olympic Movement can become a reality. This would be one giant step in expanding the popularity and recognition of the Sport of Pickleball around the world.

The IFP welcomes and encourages Charter Members who are interested in joining us in our Olympic Movement to please email us at

We thank you and appreciate your support.

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