List of USAPA/IFP Approved Tournament Balls


  • Cosom Fun Ball (white, yellow, red, green)
  • Dura Fast 40 stamped “PICKLE-BALL” (yellow, white, orange)
  • Dura Fast 26 (Large Hole) stamped “PICKLE-BALL” (white)
  • *** Hangzhou Yihao – MNBALL (lime green)
  • *** Jugs Bulldog (white, green)
  • *** Mach-Z (white, yellow, red, green)
  • *** Monarch: Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
  • *** Monarch: Indoor Pickleball (yellow)
  • *** Onix Sports 503 (outdoor), (white, yellow, orange)
  • *** Onix Sports Pure Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
  • Pickleball Central TOP (yellow, orange, white)
  • Pickleball HQ -The Villages (yellow)
  • *** Pickleball Now “Indoor Ball” (green)
  • TNT Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
  • RiverStyks (green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, orange)
  • *** Uniker Sport – Ace 40 (yellow) Note: Some of these balls have been observed to become out-of-round after moderate play.
  • *** Wilson “Neon Flare” (neon yellow)

Note: Effective 11/01/2015, the ball specifications changed. See IFP Rule 2.D. On 10/01/2016 any ball not meeting the new specifications will be removed from the list of approved balls.  Above, balls marked with (***) will no longer be approved on 10/01/2016. Others will be tested between now and October 1, 2016. Many of the present balls that will not meet the new specifications will be replaced with new balls that conform to the new rules. These new conforming balls will need to be identified with different model numbers or model names.

The large-hole balls are customarily used for indoor play and the small-hole balls are customarily used for outdoor play. However, all balls are acceptable for indoor or outdoor play. Below are pictures of some of the approved balls.

See also Physical Characteristics of Approved Balls

Cosom Fun Ball
Cosom Fun Ball
Dura Fast 40
Dura Fast 26
Dura Fast 26
Jugs Bulldog & MNBALL
Onix Sports 503
Onix Sports 503
Pickleball HQ The Villages
PickleballCentral Model TOP
Pickleball Now Outdoor TNT
Pickleball Now Indoor Ball